Sunday, February 28, 2010

oh hello snow

I don't really have anything exciting to report on tonight. So, I think I will share a few of my favorite websites and a lot of random thoughts...

I find myself on for hours! I love it. It is so refreshing to see other people's secrets!!

I also enjoy seriously favorite one I read today was ironically from (703) and it said: "he asked me out through an event invitation on facebook, the title read Romantic Dinner for 2" I have to say I am kind of impressed!! there are a lot more that are very funny, but in attempts to keep this blog rated E for EVERYONE. I will leave it at that one.

I love reading Taylor Swift's blog which can be found at She has a video section that is very entertaining!!

I am hoping to get a dog so has been a regular. However, I am started to doubt my pet-owner skills since I don't clean the fish tank and my fish have to swim around in their own filth. They are incredibly happy fish that get excited to see me when I come home. I know this because they swim around and look happy :)

When Sherri and I were at the conference in Williamsburg she met up with her old boss and his family. She invited me and I literally could not tear myself away from the entertainment. He has 3 daughters and the 5 year old said that she can't get her haircut yet because she needs it to look like Selena Gomez's for when they do their video together. Seriously, I hope my kids are half that creative!! They were adorable. I think I love them.

I don't think anyone is looking forward to March more then me. Let's hope this means we might get a break from the about a break until next winter!! Thanks!

Happy March everyone!!


Friday, February 26, 2010

more from Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

I was going to write yesterday, but was literally out all day. I met Lindsay Oakley at the College of William and Mary for some coffee and as I walked to campus I got to walk through the Colonial area. Everyone would be very proud to know that I found where I was going all by myself without getting lost!! I got a little confident on the walk back and was busy taking pictures and missed the street I was supposed to cut down, but found my way back. Unfortunetly I was by myself so I couldn't get a picture in this, but I had to get a picture of it. Nothing says 1600's like this...what is this called?

The Aimone's have know the Oakley's since Lindsay was 1 and an only child. Lindsay is now a sophomore at the College of William and Mary and doing very well! Her sister, Cate is a senior in HS and brother Miles is in 8th grade. I didn't want to embarass her and force her to take a picture with me right there in the coffee shop, so alas, no pictures of me and Lindsay!

The confernce was really good. Learned a lot and ready to take on some new projects at work. However, some exciting things happened while we were gone. I got three new messages from eharmony boys. Matthew (now called Matt) emailed back a long note with lots of questions which was cool. I always love guys that know how to ask questions and aren't just answering yours. This guy Dan, who is very cute and then this random donkey named Eric. I emailed them all back but look forward to hearing from Dan and Matt. I am still emailing with James, the bald father of 3. Not really sure why I am still communicating with him, but it is easy conversation. So, it continues. Sherri called me a eharmony slut!! love it!!!

So glad its the weekend!! TGIF.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

With the Colonials

Sherri, Don and I are in Williamsburg at the SEAHO Conference! I'm hoping to see some Colonial people and believe a picture with one is a necessity!!! My computer battery is about to die, but I wanted to say "Here Yee, Here Yee"!

I will get my charger from the car and post a picture of us here at the conference!!

Important Update: I think I am going to continue on with eharmony for at least one more month. I was inspired by Dr. Jennie Arnold (from the Little Couple on TLC!) She was the keynote speaker this afternoon and talked about how she met Bill (her husband!!) on a online dating service for little people.

Love it!!! I believe in love!!!

love love love

Monday, February 22, 2010

Learning New Things!!!

Today, I learned how to put a video into my blog, so I had to test it out with a Taylor Swift video. I love all things Taylor.

I'm not really sure if I can put other people's videos in my blog, but whatever, like 5 people read!!! whatevskis.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dear John

I just got home from seeing Dear John. I loved it. It reminded me so much of the simple pleasure of "real mail". How often do we get letters in the mail, let alone a love letter. My parents really got to know each other through letters when my dad was in Vietnam. I have always loved that about them. How romantic are love letters!? It's funny to think about on line dating, and getting to know someone through letters (emails!). Just as John was waiting for Savannah's letters and my dad was probably waiting for my mom's letters...I wait, patiently, for the next email from a mystery man on the internet.

I'm a little more inspired to continue this journey online. This picture inspires me to find that someone special...
Tonight at church, the priest challenged us to conquer a fear we have in our lives. I was thinking about it and couldn't really come up with anything that I felt I needed to conquer. It then came to me, I have the fear of moving on, being happy and trusting someone enough to let them get to know me. So, in addition to giving up soda, I have taken on a new challenge during lent. Open up and trust someone. And if they break my heart...well I guess that is the risk I will take.

Today, I challenge you to write a love letter to your special someone!

Enjoy Love!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

going for the gold!

Eharmony has definitely got to go, but I figure since I am "in it to win it" I need to make the most of it and email as many people as possible. Who knows who is out there in the online world. So, tonight, I emailed two more people. I know my picture isn't amazing, but the pictures some people choose to put up are very interesting!! Make good choices people, first impressions are everything to judgemental people like myself.

Although I don't see any monogram napkins in my near future, I am still putting myself out there and trying.

I figured this blog needed a picture, so I wanted to put one of my new boyfriend, Seth Wescott. There he is winning the gold medal!! Why is he not on eharmony in my 60 mile radius!!??


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last Sodeee

Happy Ash Wednesday! I have decided to give up soda again this year. Everytime I think about the soda I want to drink, either at lunch or during the long afternoon I think about my relationship with God and what I can do to make that stronger. I also think I might donate a little extra to the collection plate at church during know the money I am saving from not going on my sheetz soda runs in the afternoons.

I think I am over e-harmony. It is so hard and the guys are really pushy--obviously they are on a mission to find "true love" and do not have time to mess around. I did break the news to James and let him know I was not ready to talk on the phone. ouch...that has to hurt!! oh well. can't help it, not a phone person.

oh and the one that i was hoping would write me back...hasn't!! bummer. :(

oh well--life goes on.

love love love

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Blues

I definitely had the Monday Blues today! Not a fun day back at work. But, alas, I survived another day.

The goal of the evening was to email some of the eharmony boys. So I emailed

Andrew (the one from Reston that has a glamour shot as his profile pic)

James has already replied back and wants to know if I am interested in speaking on the phone. Sadly, I don't think I am ready for that. How do you say, um, no, let's continue to email thanks!

Well, that is about it. The big question will be if Matthew emails back. I think he seems funny and kind of cute by his picture. Although in one picture I did see weird Jesus shoes...not ok!

Guess we can only wait and see.

love <3

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Birthday G-PA!!
I have come to realize that boys on eharmony are a little pushy. It's like the end of the world if you don't reply immediately and they then want you to call, text, skype, yahoo chat, gmail chat, facebook chat--and any other tech-savey way of chatting. I also do not know how I feel about the guy with the scary smile and his 3 children!! YES--THREE!!!

I was supposed to go to dinner on Friday night with a friend-of-a-friend. He texted me to say he had a bad he wanted to postpone. I quickly realized there was a WVU basketball game on and figure I was just not as important as the game. Oh well--I had an excited evening with the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Yesterday I went to a wedding for a couple who did not even know each other at this time 1 year ago. Did I mention she is pregnant! On a side note: the food was amazing--Afgani food is AMAZING!!! :) oh and Maryland crab cakes are the way to go!

My date for the wedding...JEN!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! I will be celebrating by going to see Valentine's Day!! I can't remember the last movie I saw in the theater so you can only imagine my excitement.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So, I have really progressed in the eharmony site. Let me tell you this site is not for sissy's. Holy Cow it is a lot of work. I am onto the messaging part of the relationship with 3 boys! none of them seem super cool, but its kind of fun to get to know people.

They are:

Andrew: kind looks like a goofy guy, reminds me of someone from ULV, but i can't figure out who. maybe it will come to me. He is 32
James: Crazy smile in his picture, has "Children"--not sure how i feel about that!! and has already asked me about my faith/spirituality, which is kind of odd. I'm not sure how old he is.
Andrew: looks like a computer nerd, i think he loves me because he responds very quickly. He is 32.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Matthew--we are on the short answer part of the relationship.

Matt has not responded to me at all :( oh well--i'm staying busy with these guys!!

I also had a starbucks "date" with a boy from Winchester that one of my RAs set me up with. He is super nice, but very young. Only 25!! Crazy.

Snow update: Today we have had winds up to 50 mph. We got about 6 more inches of snow but it feels like so much more because the snow from round 1 is blowing all over the place. We are scheduled to open at noon tomorrow, but there is no parking and the sidewalks aren't shoveled. They are supposed to re-evaluate at 8am--so we will see!!

love love love!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


SO, since I have been out of the dating world for awhile, I am not used to the texting phase of the relationship. This is a tricky part. You have to be careful you come across cute, funny, whitty, smart and adorable all in a few short phrases.

It is also stressful because if you don't get an immediate response you think "did I say something wrong, confusing, etc"?

I do have to say, texting, facebook chat, and email are all a nice warm up before the actual voice-on-voice contact.

First date is scheduled for Friday night....there has not been any voice-on-voice contact. He is also 5'8...which hopefully doesn't mean he is really 5'5!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

snow day!

So I should take some time away from talking about boys to focus on the weather. According to the weather folks Winchester got 28-35 inches. Since I don't have a yard stick to take my own measurements, I am trusting the professionals!

My day was full of family channel movies! I had to get out so I went to the cafe and almost fell down the stairs, which is always a special treat for everyone watching. The campus is beautiful, however, it is very hard to get around since it is now all ice.
Thankfully the power never went out and the students haven't gone completely crazy yet!!!!
I think I might love the snow!!

Friday, February 5, 2010


So, eharmony has this thing that you can "close" a match, interest. Apparently you can read the closed message. I have not gotten up the nerve to read any of the closed messages. I am afraid of strangers rejecting me. It's not like Kellen Lutz is on eharmony rejecting me....I need to get over it.

Ok here is how eharmony works. You look at someones picture and read the profile and think--hey I think I want to get to know this guy. So you send him 5 questions. You then wait in anticipation for him to answer the questions and send you 5 questions. Then it goes to likes/dislikes....then you are ready for email communication!!! SO, this is by far my FAVORITE question...

How do you feel about premarital sex?
a. I am completely opposed to it
b. as long as marrage is imminent, it is okay
c. In the context of a loving relationship, it is okay
d. I accept sex as a natural part of dating
e. _______________________________

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Impressions

In the past few hours on eharmony, I have learned a few things:

1. Matt was apparently a very popular baby name 30 years ago
2. There are a lot of short people on line
3. I judge people by their pictures, but am scared to death about them judging me

So, I have put myself out there. I have communicated with 4 people. In no particular order:


Updates to come. Now the anticipation of their reply.

Good Luck Katie!

So, I have stepped into the on-line dating world and let me tell you it is a scary world out there. After about a week of taking the "it's free to look" route, I was intrigued enough to commit my credit card to a one month subscription. After about another week of "holy crap, what did I sign up for/waste $60 on" I decided I was getting my $60 back through dinners with strangers. I figure 3 dates in 3 weeks isn't taking too big of a risk. That is of course assuming the dinner date does not include Chick-fil-a--or me being chopped up and found dead in my trunk. One can only hope!