Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bachelor Pad, America & The Economy!

I did not watch Bachelor Pad Season One and really should not have watched Season two, but lack of Monday night TV got me hooked on the season. Good thing it was a short season!!

So, here is the skinny...I used to watch Bachelorette Beatdown, but they had some serious speaker issues and could never get the sound right -- David Good was always so loud and the others were so quiet and you had to keep adjusting your sound to hear anything or not be blown out by Dave Good! -- so I had to stop watching and resort to Jesse Csincsak's blog. I think they have fixed some of the issues for Bachelor Pad Beatdown, but nothing can be perfect. One thing we have learned from the beat downs ... don't mess with the Bachelor Family.

So, according to Jesse's blog Blake and Holly were paid $25,000 to get engaged, and I assume the Neil Lane engagement ring is on top of that. From reading the blog, it sounds like Graham and Michelle (could it have been Kasey and Vienna?!?! -- good couple/in love?!?!?) turned this deal down. So, I think Obama should jump on the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise tactic and start paying people to get engaged on TV.

Let's go America! Get on board.

I give Holly and Blake 4 weeks.

<3 Michael Stagliano <3 should have kept the money!


Sunday, September 11, 2011


Normally I am glued to 9.11 coverage ... the stories. the families. the men, women and children that were lost ... the men, women and children that were saved. the heros from that day.

I have visited Ground Zero and the Pentagon Memorial. I saw United 93 in the theaters.

Like I said, normally, I can't turn the TV off. For some reason this year I have not been able to watch anything. I start crying a minute in and can't breath and have to change the channel. I don't make it through the stories I read because I am crying so hard.

I'm not really sure what is different about this year. But it's been a rough week.

This commercial came on during the Redskins game and I lost it. Remembering in my own way this year. In my heart and on my mind.

Never forgotten, always remembered, forever loved! God Bless the USA! 9.11.01


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Humble Abode

So, I have finally made a decision about my future. Well, at least a year. I will be moving into a new apartment! I figured I couldn't find a better deal then this, so I just needed to break down and make a commitment.

So, here it is! So, cute! The highlights are:

1. COVERED PARKING!!! Yes, snow days.

2. washer and dryer!!!

3. A Pantry in the kitchen!!

4. I went through so I get a $100 Thank YOU Visa Card, so Pier One here I come!!

So, unfortunately, the current housing market did not want to make me a home owner, and I am totally fine with that. Actually somewhat relieved. Who wants to try to sell a tiny little thing in 5-8 years anyway. I will just throw my money into a black hole and not have to worry about fixing crap myself.

I love the floor plan and am already figuring out where I want my furniture.