Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 more months of being 30!

So, I only have 3 more months of being 30! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I have yet to accomplish anything exciting as a 30 year old. There were so many things I wanted to do this year. So, I have decided. I have 3 months I need 3 exciting things to do.

1. Hike at Skyline Drive

2. Milk a Cow!

3. Make a commitment on a place to live.

So, three months, 3 things!

Making the commitment to a place to live will probably be the hardest. As most of you know, I really want to buy, but I don't want to commit to a location! It's so hard, when I am not sure how long I will stay at this job. I think I will rent for a year and then decide where I want to live for the next 5-8 years!

I have wanted to milk a cow forever, and I probably never will. Especially since I am pretty terrified of large animals. But alas, it will stay on my list!

Hiking skyline drive just sounds fun! I can't believe I never did it when I lived in Winchester! But, I am still close. So, I will do it!

3 months...hopefully 31 isn't as hard as 30!


Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have not slept this well in the last 5 years! I am going to bed early, and not waking up once throughout the night. It is amazing. I should back up...

For the last 5 years I have slept with my cell phone ringer on the highest volume concerned I would get a call even when I was not on duty. I would take calls (for the most part) at all hours of the day/night. I would leave work, only to go back to the halls later that night for numerous reasons (staff meetings, pass out cookies, just hang out). I would wake up to loud banter on the patio which often included fights and furniture being thrown/broken. I would wake up sweating or freezing just depending on the night. I would hear security lock up at 11pm, check the door again at 1 or 2am and then hear them open the door around 6am. I would hear someone struggle to unlock the ICC door like an alarm each morning. I am really not sure why they never learned how to open that door, but alas, I would just lay in bed and think I should help them open the door sometime so I didn't have to hear this each morning...but I never did.

Living at my parents, I realize how quiet life can be. I don't hear any of the neighbors outside, I don't fear a chair will come threw my window at any given time and the only thing that wakes me up in the morning is my alarm.

I knew I needed to get out of housing, but I didn't know how badly I needed out. I was definitely on auto-pilot and was not doing anyone any favors by staying in a job that made me physically sick.

I am really enjoying my job. I have a lot to learn and I am not sure how long I will stay at this job, but I am enjoying learning about the Community College system and the Distance Learning system.

more on my specific job later...when I figure out what I am doing!!

Miss everyone at SU....just not the job!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good Bye Party!!

so, I kind of freaked out when asked to give a speech, but what I should have said was how much I have enjoyed working at Shenandoah for the past 5 years. I have learned so much and am going to miss everyone so much! Thank you for teaching me how to be a good listener, leader and to stand up for myself.

Oh and ...don't believe everything Don says...he can't even remember what happened yesterday let alone 5 years ago...clearly still not over it!!!

I wish I took more pictures, but this is a good start!!!

xoxo, Katie

Last Day at SU...

more pictures to follow!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Alcohol Education Conference at GMU

Last weekend I attended the ABC College Conference at George Mason University with Sarah Emerick, Lauren Burgess, TeeAl Barksdale, Amanda Stokes and Nancy Schulte. As first time attendees we were not sure what to expect and unfortunately I could not prepare the students for what they were going to be taking on for their weekend project. Our task was to create an alcohol awareness plan for our campus. We were then asked to create a 5 minute presentation to compete for one of five $1000 prizes to implement the plan on our campus. Sarah, Lauren and TeeAl worked so hard and never ceased to amaze me the entire weekend. They came up with an outstanding plan and an even more impressive video to show the judges. They were the first of the five winners.

I am so proud of them!! What great leaders on campus! Here is the video they created in one evening:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

my bad.

I had the best helpers yesterday! Sarah, Amanda and Jen all gave up their Saturday to help me load the cars and drive to my parents house. They then unloaded and helped me separate my stuff between the basement, my room and Marlee's room. We were able to get everything into my car and Jen's car which was so nice that everyone had a passenger (and a Sunny carrier). However, while we were packing up the cars, Amanda and Sarah noticed that my car's registration had November. Seriously. What was I doing in November that I totally forgot to get my registration renewed? I think what threw me off was the 10 and 11 on the sticker. Clearly I thought I had until October of 2011. So, I practiced my plea to the police if I was pulled over and we drove to Fairfax. Luckily there was no need to use my speech and we made it without being pulled over. I wanted to take a picture, but with all the commotion I didn't get one, and the registration has now been renewed. I was switching cars with my mom so I could have the bigger car for my big stuff so we had to get this registration debacle situated immediately so I was a law abiding citizen. Done and Done! Thanks Mom.

Sarah, Amanda and Jen saved my life! They were so helpful in every way I needed them to be. I could not have asked for a better day. It was not stressful in anyway (for me at least...hope I didn't stress them out!). I felt like we were not rushed and we just took our time, got everything in the cars and were on our way! Thanks Girls!!!

You would think from all the moving I did in my life, I would know how to pack. However, this is definitely false!! We always had movers, so I never had to pack!! This was a hard move! I'm glad I have some time and don't have far to go.

It is really sad to look around this empty apartment. It's even sadder that I took both my winter coats home because it is snowing! The rain has turned to snow and it is very cold out! Oh well--I have my vest. Guess that will have to do.

I am going to miss this apartment. It is such a cute and cozy home. I love the yellow walls, I love my bed, I love all my closet space. I love my oven that burns the back and under cooks the front! I love spying out the windows. I love the view of my car. I love being the sole resident of Cooley Hall.

Thank you again Jen, Amanda and Sarah. You are the best and mean the world to me. Thank you is not enough!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Job!

I GOT A NEW JOB! As excited as I am about my new position at Northern Virginia Community College I am sad to leave Shenandoah University. I have had 5 amazing years at SU. I love everything about a small school. The relationships students make with each other, faculty and staff is priceless. I truly believe in education and believe a college education is in no way a right, but a privilege. When I began working at SU 5 years ago I really thought I would be here for a year, and then move closer to the city. I honestly have to say I fell in love with the small town lifestyle and will miss Winchester more then I ever thought.

Five years ago I could have never predicted working one day in Residence Life, let alone 5 years. I never predicted my 2am wake up calls, my midnight conversations with students and most importantly seeing the students grow from first year students to outstanding young adults getting ready to graduate.

The 2010-11 Residence Life staff has been outstanding! I cannot say enough about their positive attitude and courage in approaching their peers. Thank you for all you do for SU.

My new journey is an exciting one. I will be working on creating an Orientation Program for the Distance Learning students at NOVA in Annandale. It will be a completely different experience for me in every way. I will not be able to run over to Funk/Gore to chat with Oscar the amazing housekeeper. I will not be able to take a break and walk around campus just to get some fresh air. Most importantly I will not have the everyday conversations with students that make me laugh so hard I fall onto the floor and cry or attend conferences with them and see the amazing presentations that they create on their own. These past 5 years have been so memorable but I know I will make more memories as I work with faculty, staff and students at NOVA.

The decision to leave SU in the middle of the semester was a hard one. I know leaving SU at any time would be hard, but in the middle of the Spring Semester is incredibly hard. I will be missing all the April Festivities...Leadership Awards, Relay for Life, RA Banquet, Apple Blossom, check out and Graduation! The end of the semester is such a fun time!! I will be thinking of everyone.

I have made such amazing relationships with so many people on campus. I am going to miss everything about working at a college. I am going to miss going to the cafeteria. I am going to miss 3rd floor Funk. I am going to miss staff meetings with my Racey RAs! I am going to miss my staff meetings with Funk/Gore. I am going to miss the office with the Cooley girls...Amanda, Sherri, Jen--You have each made each day so bright! I am going to miss harassing the maintenance boys for everything I need! I am going to miss the cat walk through the Cooley Hallway. I am going to miss my RAs stopping in throughout the day just to see what I am up to. I am going to miss all my RAs constantly asking what I do all day. I am going to miss my Cooley apartment (hot, cold, loud, quiet, etc). I am going to miss walking to work. I am going to miss my reserved parking space. I am going to miss SU.

I can't wait to share about my first day at NOVA!!

love you all!!! Peace out Girl Scouts!! xoxo.