Thursday, March 29, 2012

more Hope pictures

photo credit: LAURA!!! 

This is my favorite!! 

She loves her name!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


sometimes I seriously entertain myself. So, this is how it went ...


I was creating my Dancing with the stars bracket at work (you know, just a normal day in the office) and I went to turn it in and I couldn't help but notice that my dear little friend, Amy, had selected Gavin DeGraw to GO ALL THE WAY. I was determined to get to the bottom of this, so I paid her a little visit in her cubicle.

Me: Listen, I LOVE Gavin DeGraw and all, but he is NOT making it till the end.
Amy: really, how sad.
Me: UM...did you watch the show?
Amy: No
Me: Wait, you have Melissa Gilbert leaving first?
Amy: Oh yea, I don't like her. She has got to go.
Me: I love Gavin DeGraw. He is so cute. I saw him in concert once.
Amy: really? that's cool
Me: Well, I mean I guess it was a concert, I mean he was on stage and we were in the audience.
Amy's cute little cubicle mate who was really trying not to judge our conversation: UM, yea, I would say that is a concert!!


So, it's the end of the month and I had to get my state inspection. I go to the gas station right next to work thinking I can just zip right through. There were only two cars in front of me, so I thought I was golden for my lunch break. 45 minutes later when I had not moved -- not one car had gone in, or come out -- I thought something must be up. The inspector came out and was talking to the car in front of me, then he came to me. He said there was an issue and the technician was working on it. He then asked if I wanted to leave my car. I immediately said yes! I was feeling guilty that I had already been gone 45 minutes and it was going to be another hour +. I said, great I work right up there (and I proceed to point in the general direction) I'll be back and I give him my keys. I walk away and I get half way to the office and realize ... I gave this guy no information about myself. I didn't give him my name, my phone number, nothing. Then I start to think, hmm did he even work there? I don't remember a uniform. He kind of appeared out of no where. Did I just hand my keys over to a stranger on the street? I felt weird going back, but I felt weird just going back to the office. But, I had to get back for a meeting. So I go in and google the gas station -- to my excitement -- 5 stars!!! So, I go to the meeting and can't get the sick feeling out of my stomach. I walk back about an hour and a half later praying the entire time that my car would be there! I walk over and see my car with the new sticker--inspection complete!!! YAY. I see the guy and he says "hello ford focus, come on in". I told him I was feeling a little strange that he had no information about me, but he said I shouldn't worry, he remembered me!

OY! My life!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

babies, babies, & more babies

so I went shopping for baby Madore and found this little number. I'm considering keeping it for my future child, but I will pass it along to Vickie and hope she will keep it for me one day! Remember I will totally take the hand-me-downs! Ruining the surprise on this one, but I loved it so much I had to post!! The rest will be a surprise!

She's a future Leo!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

skype date!

Skype date with Miss Hope!!! (and Buddy and Jen!) 

Get ready Vickie!!! We will need weekly Skype dates!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Hope Bug

Laura and Hope photo shoot number one!  (More to come!!)

she is the cutest! xoxo.

But this one pretty much sums up the day ...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Night 1!

OK so that was fast. I got my first email. It read:

"Yes, Let's do this"


I also forgot to mention, I got a coupon. So I got a 25% off discount. I don't think this is starting off well. I am a sale item ... on the clearance rack.

probably not the best choice for this one either ... me trying to be part of the Hannan family!

sitting home alone

so it's not until you are sitting home alone, on a Friday night, watching Dateline, filling out your profile that you realize that you really have nothing to write about. Um, what exactly should I say I do for fun? Most nights involve way too much TV. Should I start with ... well, Monday night it's bachelor, Tuesday is Biggest Loser, Friday for sure is DatelineNBC! It's actually really sad.

What do I like to do for fun? How would my friends describe me? What am I looking for (let's not look desperate, but not too picky!)? What is my personal motto?

Seriously ladies, this is a job application! and let me tell you this is not for the weak. It tells you how many people looked at your profile ... and clearly passed! How awkward, right?

Don't worry ... I didn't go with this picture ...

or this one ...

both classics! But, I picked this one 

Who knows! I don't know if I can handle this. It's kind of depressing. I'll keep you posted.


Monday, March 5, 2012

just don't understand.

I just don't understand.
I just don't understand how someone's ignorant, irresponsible, violent actions can take the life of another person.
I just don't understand how someone can be so angry, filled with so much hate, that they want to take the life of another person.
I just don't understand how someone can be here one day and gone the next.
I just don't understand.

ILH. 1988-2012.

My favorite Ira story is when he got a new cell phone number and texted out his number, but I never saved it and kind of forgot about it. I called him one night, probably around 10:30-11:00pm just to check in on the building and his mom answered, although, I thought it was Ira, pretending to be his mom, just to mess with me. So, I seriously wouldn't let it ago, she explained to me that Ira got a new number and they had switched phones and she was sure he would answer if I called. Luckily someone was with me to say, you did save his new number right? Um, nope sure didn't! UGH. He is the best.

girl. you need to step up your game.