Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Gym

I don't even know where to start.

Quick backstory: There is a guy, Ron, I went to high school who lives pretty close to me in Fairfax. It's kind of strange that we both ended up here so over the last few months I have seen him a lot of him. At our 10 year reunion (4 years ago!!) he was married so when he facebook messaged me to get togheter for coffee and "relive our high school years" I didn't think much of it. I figured he was (still) married. We went for coffee and he brought me chocolate which was a little awkward and there was no wedding ring, but whatever. Over the last few months, he has messaged me and invited me to events. There has been no mention of the wife. A few weeks ago we realized we go to the same gym and I mentioned that I go to a cycling class on Thursday nights (I go other nights, but luckily he only comes to the Thursday night one). He has been at every Thursday night cycling class since I mentioned it to him.

Well tonight it went down in cycling class!

Class stated at 7pm, so we get in, set up our bikes and start warming up and make small talk. The class isn't very full tonight, only a few brave souls in class. About 30 minutes into class the door to the classroom swings open and in walks this lady in jeans and a polo shirt. The door shuts and locks behind her and she walks over to Ron, picks up his towel off his bike handle and throws it in his face, makes a hand jester that he is cut off, stares him down and then turns and walks out of the classroom and stands outside the door. However, the door is glass so we can all see she is standing there. He does not move from his bike. She makes some more jesters and he keeps pedaling. She then opens the door, walks in, stands at the door and makes more jesters that he has got to go. I turn to him, turn back to her, back to him, to the teacher. Everyone is just pedaling away, not sure what is going on. He finally gets off his bike, leaves his towel and walks out of class.

The teacher then says ... I'm not even going to ask.

Embarrassing for me because the teacher knows that I know him, so I am now responsible for bringing the crazy to class.

So, is it is disgruntled wife? I have no idea. I'm hoping for a Facebook message. I will check-in in a few days and make sure he is still alive! I will keep you posted on his (and her) whereabouts!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Bachelorette ...

I love this season. Love.Love.Love.


I love it so much that I am not reading the spoiliers. So, if you are, don't spoil it!! K?

My final four: Arie, Sean, Jef, and ?!? The 4th one is hard!!! Travis? I have a bad feeling it's Ryan, but I don't want to believe it.

"Winner": Arie.

Together: 1 year!

PS. I love Travis ... the egg boy. Is Alejandro really a "mushroom" farmer from San Francisco? I cannot. Why is Ryan such a creep. Down to 8!

“My wish is pretty simple. It is that I won't be single forever.” — Emily the Bachelorette